Our Top Posts from 2013

2013 is over, and it’s time to get nostalgic. Check out our top 10 posts from 2013!

10: How Realistic Is “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14”?

9: The Ball Marker Thief

8: How To Play Well on a New Course

7: Jack Niclaus’s War On Golf Balls

6: Practice the Follow Through First

5: Curing a Slice: What Not To Do

4: The Who Cares Open

3: Two Winners Of The Masters

2: Say It Aint So, Sergio

And our top article for 2013 is:

Dufner’s Spaceout Goes Viral

It was a story perfect for the low attention spans of the social network era. A well known golf pro appears to be napping at an appearance with elementary school kids. Hillarious captions ensue.

Check out our post to see our own hillarious send ups of Dufner’s famously awkward photo op.