Curing a Slice: What Not To Do


Take a quick look on the internet and you’ll find tons and tons of products and instruction books, all designed to teach you what to do in order to cure a slice. Here are a couple of quick tips on exactly what you shouldn’t do in order to cure your slice:

• Don’t try to swing harder. Often, when golfers try to crush the ball, they produce a distorted backswing that only serves to worsen their slice. To cure a slice, focus on making a good backswing.

• Don’t close your stance too much. This is another thing that will just make your slice worse. Overall, the stance is very important for curing a slice. Check to make sure your stance is correct and you will be on your way to slice free golf.

• Don’t put too much pressure on your grip. This tends to change the trajectory of the club head, which can lead to a slice.

• Check your grip. Don’t let the “V” between the thumb and index finger should not be pointing outside your shoulder.

Also, when curing a slice, remember the importance of good contact, which is always produced by a correct backswing. If you haven’t already, check out the Pause-N-Throw training aid, which we have designed especially to teach the correct backswing to cure a slice and give you great rounds of golf.