What´s Your Common Miss?

As human beings, we are all unique. We all have our distinctive ways of doing things. And there´s another trait that brings us all together: we all make mistakes. This is especially true of golfers, who seem to be making mistakes all the time.

What does this mean for average golfers? Simple. Learn what your common misses are.

We all have common misses. Mine is a smothered hook which comes from starting down with my upper body too early in the down swing. In my practice swing, I dial in a feeling that the swing starts with my left hip and pulls my upper body. This avoids my common miss. Now, I often miss with a high right shot. But that is far less punishing and I’ve taken away 50 percent of my misses.

Of course, this is likely quite different from the common misses you will have. But no matter what your common misses are, you should pay close attention to your swing, and how to change it. We’ve written here on occasion about video recording your swing for review. Or, you can also try lessons. The key is to always keep practicing. With the right practice, sooner or later, you will take your swing to the next level.

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Masters Recap

Photo by Pvt Pauline, Wikimedia Commons

Hi there. We’ve been processing the events of the 2016 Masters last Sunday. We were glued to the live stream coverage from Thursday to Sunday. Although we enjoy watching Spieth, as we wrote a piece on his swing a few weeks back, it was hard to watch his loss on Sunday. Still, with his consistence low scoring, Danny Willett earned his Masters victory, and we at Pause N Go Golf salute him.

To me, the tight competition on Sunday does go to show how much of a difference every shot makes. One shot can make the difference between a double bogey and a bogey, a bogey and a par, a par and a birdie. It’s not only hitting for distance that is important, accuracy counts; a 300-yard drive does no good if it lands in the woods or the bunker. Hence the importance of golf training aids like the Pause-N-Throw. The lesson from the 2016 Masters is that sometimes, even the pros have to hone their skills in hitting accurate shots and recovering from inaccurate ones.

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Master Your Game

IMG_20160404_135058 Yesterday, the LA Times ran a feature story on the 30th anniversary of Jack Nicklaus’s big win at the 1986 Masters. I was inspired to sketch this picture from the article. We at Pause-N-Go Golf are looking forward to watching the Masters beginning this Thursday. We love to follow how the pros on the PGA tour are sharpening their game. It gives us the most insight into improving golf swing training, and with it, the golf game of our customers. So when you watch the Masters this weekend, consider raising the level of your game, like Jack Nicklaus did 30 years ago. Consider trying out the Pause-N-Go method and training aid.

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Supple Quickness

When I first met Mike Austin, I wasn’t sure if I had what it took to become a long hitter, much less help others become long hitters. I wrote about this in my book,

    In Search of the Greatest Golf Swing.

    “Mike,” I heard myself saying. “Do you think you could teach someone like me, someone my size, to hit the ball 300 yards?”

    I expected another appraising stare from Austin. I expected him to ask how tall I was, or to question my strength, or to qualify his answer in some way. Instead, he quickly answered, “Distance has little to do with size or strength. Distance comes from supple quickness,” And has he said those magic words, “supple quickness,” he cocked his left wrist, tucked his shoulder slightly, and made a fluid swinging motion. And in that small, deft motion, I saw a faint echo of his greatness. It was like handing a baseball to a Hall of Fame pitcher and seeing his old, gnarled fingers work into just the right grip to throw a slider or a curve.

    “You see that net out there?” Mike pointed at the backstop for the driving range, which was at least 150 feet tall. “I had a student, a young woman, after taking lessons from me she was hitting the ball over that net.”

    As he said this I felt my mind expanding. It was like I had just glimpsed a new me-or what I could expect with the right coaching and lots of practice. I had experienced this sensation before, when I first met Dr. Tom and saw him shooting free throws for an hour and never once missing. As Dr. Tom worked with me, and I began making long, unbroken series of baskets, I felt my mind grasping the idea that I was-capable of far more than I ever imagined. As Dr. Tom said in his book (which I co-wrote), Free Throw: 7 Steps to Success at the Free Throw Line, “We are more limited by our beliefs than our abilities.”

    That sentence has stuck with me ever since. I think about it often during the daily operations of Pause-N-Go Golf.

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Curing Your Slice Like Spieth

Courtesy: Golf Tips Mag

We here at Pause-N-Go Golf keep up to date on the best tips from the pros. This week, we have been looking at Jordan Spieth’s swing to see how he keeps hitting it straight. Looking at this breakdown from a PGA Tour Instructor, a few of the technical aspects stood out to us.

– Jordan turns his shoulders in his backswing, but has minimal turning of the hips

– At the start of his downswing, he shifts his weight to his left side

– Throughout the backswing and downswing, his left arm is at a 90 degree angle to the clubshaft

– Through impact, Jordan releases his lower body and extends his right arm. This motion generates power because it uses the whole body’s mechanics

– It is only at the follow-through that Jordan turns his torso toward the target and turns his right hand over his left

All of the above are integral to the Pause-N-Go swing training method. The most common complaint among golfers is the slice. The proper position of the hands on the club, along with the proper position of the arms on the downswing, will ensure that your shots go as consistently straight as Jordan Spieth’s.

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Blast From the Past


Cover from Amazon

Back when I was in the process of writing “In Search of the Greatest Golf Swing,” I had the following conversation with legendary long hitter Mike Austin:

“All right. Just take me through your swing. How would you describe it?”

He suddenly calmed down and said, “There are six types of joints, and they have to work according to their design. My swing confirms to the basic laws of physics. All the joints are working according to their design. That’s called the physiology. Understand?”

“Okay, but now specifically, what do you do?”

“You were asking about the tour players,” Mike said, his voice growing bitter again. “Hell, those guys swing over, down and across. With my swing I go under, up and out.”
I didn’t fully understand his words, but I felt there was something profound in them. Was it really that different and that simple? For a moment, I forgot my fear of Mike’s explosive temper. I even forgot my throbbing hand.

For more insight, go to amazon.com and order your copy today!

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Golf: Does Altitude Affect Accuracy?

It’s a long held belief among golfers that playing golf at higher altitudes can add distance to your shots. While the effects of high altitude on distance can be overstated at times, it’s generally accepted that playing golf at high altitudes does in fact give you more distance. But what about accuracy? Will your shots be more accurate, or less accurate, at higher altitudes?

An online search doesn’t turn up with much on the subject. However, we´ve done a bit of research on this in the past, and it turns out that, due to a fluid dynamics phenomenon known as the Magnus effect, which decreases as air pressure decreases, slices, hooks, draws, and fades – phenomena generated by the spin of the ball – tend to diminish at high altitudes.

Keep in mind, however, that at high altitudes your swing is still susceptible to pushes and pulls, which are generated not by the spin of the ball but the impact of the clubhead. And if you’re looking for a way to cure not only slices and hooks but any swing issue that will keep you from hitting the ball straight down the middle, why not check out our training aid, the Pause N Throw?

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How to Practice Golf Anywhere

Let’s say you’re on the road, staying at a smallish hotel room. You want to practice your golf game to keep your chops up, but you’re worried you might break something. What do you do?

In reality, there are ways around obstacles like limited space, that make it possible for you to keep your game in shape, no matter what conditions you’re practicing under.

First tip: If you have limited space, try spending more time working on putting. This might seem trivial at first, but putting is a huge part of the game, and putting practice is time well spent. Plus, it’s easily doable anywhere with carpeting.

One other method is to invest in golf whiffle balls. These balls let you practice without shattering household objects, and are light and easy to carry around. You’ll need a club for this of course, but you can get by with sand wedge.

Finally, try using more portable training aids. Even if you can’t bring a club along with you, the right training aid will let you groove your strokes and lock down the right swing. If you’re looking for a good training aide, try ours: the Pause-N-Throw. It puts the golf club on the right path for better distance and accuracy. We’ve helped golfers around the world to fix their swings. Try it today!

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Look at Your Shadow

In a recent post, we brought back a bit of advice we’ve given on occasion to golfers everywhere: watching your swing on video. But what if you’re not so tech savvy? Or if you just don’t have the time to set up and take down video equipment every time you swing? Good news: there’s a nifty lo-fi solution that, while not as effective as video, can still get you results.

Looking at your shadow in the practice swing gives instant feedback and it’s as low-tech as it gets. See your motion and feel it at the same time. Though practicing with your shadow isn’t particularly complicated, there are still a few constraints – the sun needs to be out! But it is nevertheless a good way to get feedback beyond simply feeling your way through your swing.

And if you’re looking for a way to boost your results while practicing, why not try our Pause-N-Throw training aid? Your shadow will show you that you’re making progress every time you use it. Give it a try!

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Happy New Year!

It´s a new year! And unfortunately, being winter, this new year doesn’t offer too much in the way of golfing opportunities for anyone in the frozen North. But that doesn’t mean you can´t still work on your game!

Here´s a New Year´s resolution to make: make it a habit to practice your swing every couple of days or so. And when you do, use the Pause-N-Throw. It will keep you on track for great swings.

Here´s to a great new year of better distance and accuracy in your golf game.

As the new golfing season begins, we want you to consider trying the Pause-N-Throw golf swing training device. It the only training aid that improves your full swing, chipping and putting. Practicing with the Pause-N-Throw will give you better distance and razor sharp accuracy. Furthermore, it is light, portable and travels with you wherever you go. You can even use it on the course!

Another advantage to the Pause-N-Throw is its design. We’ve engineered it specifically to help you groove a flat wristed swing. This is a technique that was dramatically demonstrated by the legendary long driver Mike Austin to shatter records and put him into the Guinness Book of Records. But don’t take our word for it, see all the excellent feedback we’ve gotten from other golfers

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