Blast From the Past


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Back when I was in the process of writing “In Search of the Greatest Golf Swing,” I had the following conversation with legendary long hitter Mike Austin:

“All right. Just take me through your swing. How would you describe it?”

He suddenly calmed down and said, “There are six types of joints, and they have to work according to their design. My swing confirms to the basic laws of physics. All the joints are working according to their design. That’s called the physiology. Understand?”

“Okay, but now specifically, what do you do?”

“You were asking about the tour players,” Mike said, his voice growing bitter again. “Hell, those guys swing over, down and across. With my swing I go under, up and out.”
I didn’t fully understand his words, but I felt there was something profound in them. Was it really that different and that simple? For a moment, I forgot my fear of Mike’s explosive temper. I even forgot my throbbing hand.

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