Curing Your Slice Like Spieth

Courtesy: Golf Tips Mag

We here at Pause-N-Go Golf keep up to date on the best tips from the pros. This week, we have been looking at Jordan Spieth’s swing to see how he keeps hitting it straight. Looking at this breakdown from a PGA Tour Instructor, a few of the technical aspects stood out to us.

– Jordan turns his shoulders in his backswing, but has minimal turning of the hips

– At the start of his downswing, he shifts his weight to his left side

– Throughout the backswing and downswing, his left arm is at a 90 degree angle to the clubshaft

– Through impact, Jordan releases his lower body and extends his right arm. This motion generates power because it uses the whole body’s mechanics

– It is only at the follow-through that Jordan turns his torso toward the target and turns his right hand over his left

All of the above are integral to the Pause-N-Go swing training method. The most common complaint among golfers is the slice. The proper position of the hands on the club, along with the proper position of the arms on the downswing, will ensure that your shots go as consistently straight as Jordan Spieth’s.