How It Works

Thank you for choosing our golf swing training aid. We want you to see the greatest improvement to your golf game. So let’s talk about how the Pause-N-Throw golf training aid works.

The Pause-N-Throw is designed to guide you to develop the most powerful release of the wrists on the downswing. It will set your hands in the flat-wristed position used by today’s top golf professionals. The position of the wrists determines both the power and the accuracy of the golf shot. These pictures show that the position of the wrists at the top of the backswing determines the position of the wrists at impact. Where the wrists are at impact determines whether the ball will fly straight, hook, or slice.

The Pause-N-Throw limits the motion of the right hand, thus ensuring that both wrists release properly, using a powerful throwing motion, similar to a baseball infielder throwing the ball in a “submarine” style.

The Pause-N-throw easily slides onto your right hand and attaches with three comfortable velcro straps. Once in position, unlike other training aids that need to be removed before hitting full shots, you can hit every shot in golf at 100% power. Use the Pause-N-Throw to develop muscle memory or use it as you play to refresh your feel for the correct swing positions.

Legendary long hitter and Guinness world record holder Mike Austin once said: “You’ll never get it out there by pulling. If you try to push, you’ll never get it out there, but you can throw. You’re throwing the club head around a circle with your hands.” This method is what the Pause-N-Throw training aid teaches, for more power and accuracy.