Golf: Does Altitude Affect Accuracy?

It’s a long held belief among golfers that playing golf at higher altitudes can add distance to your shots. While the effects of high altitude on distance can be overstated at times, it’s generally accepted that playing golf at high altitudes does in fact give you more distance. But what about accuracy? Will your shots be more accurate, or less accurate, at higher altitudes?

An online search doesn’t turn up with much on the subject. However, we´ve done a bit of research on this in the past, and it turns out that, due to a fluid dynamics phenomenon known as the Magnus effect, which decreases as air pressure decreases, slices, hooks, draws, and fades – phenomena generated by the spin of the ball – tend to diminish at high altitudes.

Keep in mind, however, that at high altitudes your swing is still susceptible to pushes and pulls, which are generated not by the spin of the ball but the impact of the clubhead. And if you’re looking for a way to cure not only slices and hooks but any swing issue that will keep you from hitting the ball straight down the middle, why not check out our training aid, the Pause N Throw?