High Altitude Golf – Less Slices?


While some of us may never stray far above sea level, others find ourselves shifting back and forth between low and high altitude golf courses. And as anyone who has played golf in Colorado can tell you, the altitude makes a difference. For one thing, you’ll find that you’ll gain a lot of distance.

Many people also claim that at higher altitudes, slices are much less common. According to an Ehow article, the spin of a golf ball determines its course due to the “Magnus Effect” by which the air pressure generated by a spinning ball sucks the ball in a certain direction. Reduce the air pressure by traveling upward, and the Magnus Effect drops, making for a less intense slice. One good reason for golfers to move to the mountains!

But don’t pack your bags just yet. Since every golfer’s game is different, don’t count on your slice going away. Try out a few rounds at high altitude to see if this really is the case for you or not.