Masters Recap

Photo by Pvt Pauline, Wikimedia Commons

Hi there. We’ve been processing the events of the 2016 Masters last Sunday. We were glued to the live stream coverage from Thursday to Sunday. Although we enjoy watching Spieth, as we wrote a piece on his swing a few weeks back, it was hard to watch his loss on Sunday. Still, with his consistence low scoring, Danny Willett earned his Masters victory, and we at Pause N Go Golf salute him.

To me, the tight competition on Sunday does go to show how much of a difference every shot makes. One shot can make the difference between a double bogey and a bogey, a bogey and a par, a par and a birdie. It’s not only hitting for distance that is important, accuracy counts; a 300-yard drive does no good if it lands in the woods or the bunker. Hence the importance of golf training aids like the Pause-N-Throw. The lesson from the 2016 Masters is that sometimes, even the pros have to hone their skills in hitting accurate shots and recovering from inaccurate ones.