Hitting it Straight, From the Bunker


There’s nothing worse than hitting a shot that looks like it’s going straight to the green, then selfishly nosedives into the bunker. When you’re in a bunker, especially on the green, having good placement is crucial to cleaning up afterwards. So with that in mind, here are a few tips for hitting accurately from the bunker.

First, It helps to get your mental game in order. There are a few mind tricks that can help you as you toil to get out of the trap. First of all, try thinking of the sand right behind the ball. Another popular image is the ball leaving the trap on a cushion of sand. But there’s more to it than just getting the ball out of the trap – though that’s super important. Remember that the same wrist position that Pause-N-Throw teaches will help you a lot in the trap. Keeping the wrists flat will help you to get out of the bunker accurately. Don’t forget to practice a bit, this will help you with getting the right distance.

With the right swing position and motion, you can shake the sand out of your shoes and get back on the green!