How Golfers Can Train Over the Holidays

frozen golferSo it’s winter, and you’re probably thinking, “How in God’s name am I going to keep my golf game in shape during the holidays with all this snow and nary a playable golf course in sight?” Fear not, dear golfer, we have a few tips for how golfers should train during the holidays and winter months.

First, take advantage of the fact that you have time off during the holidays. Get in a nice long practice session during the long week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Take time out to really drill the areas of your game you need to work on, but do them right. Though your local course may be closed, chances are there’s still a driving range or putting green you can use, even if it’s just astroturf.

Also, when you’re back home, try practicing indoors. As we’re fond of pointing out, a short club can really come in handy here, it helps you to replicate the feel of a golf club without smashing all your lighting fixtures. And why not try a training aid, especially one like the Pause-N-Throw that works so well inside?