Planning a Golf Vacation for Winter

frozen golferWinter is a tough time for hard core golfers living in the frozen north. Being kept away from the game you love so much can really take its toll. Thankfully, there’s a perfect way to experience golf during colder months: a golf trip! Here are a few ways to plan a great golf excursion.

First, of course, you have to pick a destination. As you might expect, the usual suspects are all at the top of the list: Florida, Texas, Arizona, California and Hawaii. If money isn’t an issue, there are plenty of deluxe golf resorts to choose from. Also, certain regions are known as hotbeds of golf activity – book a room at a resort there and you can go hopping from course to course. But even if you don’t have the bankroll to stay at a ritzy resort, there are still plenty of public courses that operate during the Winter months in warmer climes. With a rental car and a nearby hotel, you can still enjoy a nice golf vacation without breaking the bank.

Now it’s time to pack. You can take your clubs, of course, but flying with them can be a hassle. Look ahead to see if renting clubs makes sense for you – it might be a better option. Or, ship them ahead via Fed Ex as those funny ads advise. Even if you can’t take your clubs, it still makes sense to take some of your other golf equipment. Why not take some of your training aids, particularly your favorite: the Pause-N-Throw? It’s small enough to fit in your luggage and it will help you maintain your rhythm and play well. The Pause-N-Throw also make sure you’re swinging right while you’re on the road. So maximize your winter golf by playing your best in the off season.