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Worst Golf Hats Ever

In Caddyshack, a movie we recently quoted in another blog, Rodney Dangerfield’s character insults uptight Judge Smaels’s hat: “Wear that to the buffet and they’ll give you a free bowl of soup.” Though no one’s really sure exactly what that … Continue reading

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Golf’s Weirdest Slice Cures

In golf, the slice is probably the most infuriating of accuracy problems golfers can have. After an apparently perfect tee shot, the ball suddenly sabotages your plans for an easy hole by abruptly veering to the right. So it´s no … Continue reading

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Learning Accuracy From Miniature Golf

Recently, we’ve talked about new, unusual forms of golf that nonetheless use the main objective of golf (get a ball or projectile to a hole/target in as few shots as possible) to make for a fun game. There’s frisbee golf, … Continue reading

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Golf In Extreme Heat: Keep Cool

We`re now smack in the middle of summer, and that means that keeping your cool on the golf course is essential. First of all, it will help you to score better, and it might even keep you from avoiding serious … Continue reading

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Slice Stories: Highlight of the Round

A while ago, when I was first learning to play golf, I would play with a foursome in which one of the players had a notorious slice. As a result, he began playing with a highlighter-colored ball, which he claimed … Continue reading

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Jack Nicklaus’s War on Golf Balls

Some people miss the good old days. And for golf legend Jack Nicklaus, those good old days ended when they stopped making golf balls out of goose feathers. In a recent article in Global Golf Post, Nicklaus is described as … Continue reading

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Soccer/Golf, The Latest British Invasion

The United Kingdom, from our US-based standpoint, is the source of many fine things, namely our beloved game of golf as well as humor (or humour, if you will) so sophisticated you can`t even get the jokes without having a … Continue reading

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What a Golf Ball Looks Like At Impact

It all happens so fast. You take the club back and – smack! You knock it out toward the fairway. Though it`s hard to believe, the ball actually contracts when impacted by such force. It’s this elasticity of the ball … Continue reading

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