Learning Accuracy From Miniature Golf


Recently, we’ve talked about new, unusual forms of golf that nonetheless use the main objective of golf (get a ball or projectile to a hole/target in as few shots as possible) to make for a fun game. There’s frisbee golf, as well as a newer soccer golf game – no word as to whether you’re supposed to wear golf spikes or soccer cleats for that one. But with a more traditional golf derivitave, minature golf, you may actually be able to build your accuracy and play better in grown up golf.

Got a young kid who’s not quite big enough (or doesn’t quite have the attention span) for a real 18 hole links? Miniature golf is sure to get their attention and give them a good time, and even build skills that will help them on the course. The game will also help you too. Of course, it is great for your putting. But it also teaches you the accuracy you need to have good distance. In particular, the “volcano” shaped holes where you have to putt to the top of a cone to sink the shot help you to build pinpoint distance that will also serve you on your short game. They may seem sadistic, but it is ultimately useful.

The more flamboyantly decorated holes, such as the classic windmill hole or even exotic “Lost” themed mini golf holes can be beneficial to your accuracy. How can you expect to hit the middle of the windmill without good accuracy? And at the end of the round, your accuracy might even pay off in the form of a free game! Finally, apart from accuracy, miniature golf provides a way for you to work on good sportsmanship – as Happy Gilmore found out.

Image: miniaturegolfer.com