Golf In Extreme Heat: Keep Cool


We`re now smack in the middle of summer, and that means that keeping your cool on the golf course is essential. First of all, it will help you to score better, and it might even keep you from avoiding serious health risks.

Start by drinking a lot of water before you leave to play. You may not be thirsty as you set out, but it will play a big part in keeping you from getting dehydrated as you play. Bring plenty of bottled water, of course, and remember that it’s important to avoid drinking alcohol as you play in hot weather as it will actually dry you out.

Also, make sure you do whatever possible to avoid the sun. Wear a hat or perhaps bring an umbrella. Riding in a golf cart will help as well – you may not get as much exercize but its a good way to beat the heat. Sunscreen, though it won’t keep you cooler, willl keep you from burning and be good in the long run.

Finally, make sure you’re dressed in light clothes. Some recommend that bringing extra set of gloves will help you to score better in the heat. Also look into bringing devices to cool you down such as small fans, mist bottles, and special cooling towels. And make sure you get a tee time as early as possible.