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Golf: Does Altitude Affect Accuracy?

It’s a long held belief among golfers that playing golf at higher altitudes can add distance to your shots. While the effects of high altitude on distance can be overstated at times, it’s generally accepted that playing golf at high … Continue reading

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How to Practice Golf Anywhere

Let’s say you’re on the road, staying at a smallish hotel room. You want to practice your golf game to keep your chops up, but you’re worried you might break something. What do you do? In reality, there are ways … Continue reading

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The Importance of Swing Path

There are many pieces to a good golf swing that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all. But there‘s one thing that everyone says is critical: the clubhead path. No matter what you do in the backswing, the … Continue reading

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Pause-N-Throw: the Cure for Iron Shots

Recently, we talked about a method for keeping track of how many greens you hit in regulation. One important thing to add to that is that if you don’t get your fairway iron shots in shape, you’re never going to … Continue reading

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Golf Training Aid Not Working? Try This

So many of the training aids we’ve seen look to be incredibly complicated, to the point where using them seems like a needless burden. With golf devices like this, it’s easy to understand why people get frustrated and give up … Continue reading

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5 Ways Pause-N-Throw Helps Your Game

After creating the Pause-N-Throw golf training aid, so many of our customers have told us how much it has helped them to play better golf. But perhaps you’re not convinced. So, without any further chit-chat, here are five ways that … Continue reading

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Reminder: Check Us Out On Facebook

We’ve been facebooking for a little while now. Though we’re still building our presence there, we’ve building our follower base, and we’re always posting new updates and thoughts on golf, training aids, and the Pause-n-Throw in particular. Why not give … Continue reading

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Golf: How to Break Through

Our company, Pause N Throw is a little different than most. That’s because because I am both the president of my company and an ordinary golfer. I routinely use the product I sell and it has, without a doubt, helped … Continue reading

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Pause-N-Throw Bag Schwag

At Pause-N-Throw we pride ourselves on the fact that the main selling point of the Pause-N-Throw is that it works (but don’t take our word for it, see these testimonials!) Don’t forget, however, that with every Pause-N-Throwyou get a lot … Continue reading

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New Facebook Page!

It’s a new year, and we at Pause-N-Throw are starting it off right with the by launching our official facebook page! Gotta love that social media. Besides, checking our page is a great thing to do from your iPhone if … Continue reading

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