5 Ways Pause-N-Throw Helps Your Game

The end of the belly putterAfter creating the Pause-N-Throw golf training aid, so many of our customers have told us how much it has helped them to play better golf. But perhaps you’re not convinced. So, without any further chit-chat, here are five ways that the Pause-N-Throw golf training aid will help you to play better golf.

1. More accuracy
The Pause N Throw eliminates movements during the backswing that twist the clubhead, leading to inaccurate shots. After using the Pause-N-Throw to improve your golf game, you’ll find that so many of your tee shots will end up on the fairway, and from there, it will be a snap to land your shots on the green with your newfound accuracy.

2. More power
But Pause-N-Throw doesn’t just give your golf game more accuracy. It also makes you a power hitter. The whip-like swing our training aid teaches concentrates the power of your entire body into the clubhead, helping your to hit farther golf shots.

3. More reliability
Anyone who has played golf for a long time knows that it’s fairly common to be able to hit one or two good golf shots per round, but truly good players perform with consistency. That’s the strength of our golf training aid: it builds a reliable swing that gives you both power and accuracy with reliability.

4. Easier to understand
Some golf training aids rely on complex explanations to justify the motions they promote. What Pause-N-Throw teaches is easy for golfers to wrap their heads around. It’s a simple training aid that teaches a simple concept for an effective, winning golf game.

5. Easier to practice with
For anyone who knows the golf training aid market, you’ll have seen some weird looking devices. It’s hard to take these with you wherever you go, let alone to use them on the course. But with Pause-N-Throw, that’s not the case. Our training aid can even be used during friendly rounds on the course, to help you improve your game.