Accuracy Pays In Golf

Beating around the bush We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. Accuracy may not be the most eye-catching aspect of the golf game. But for golfers trying to take their games to the next level, accuracy will pay off in so many ways.

On my local course, I’m reminded of this every time I play the first hole, which is located right next to the driving range. It’s just over 300 yards, and every time I get close to the hole, I come across a clump of range balls that soared far over the fence. These shots show impressive distance, but nonetheless, they still miss the mark.

Every time I stop to pass these shots, I think what would happen if I were to hit the same inaccurate shot on this hole. The distance would put it closer to the hole. But any gains in distance would be offset by the ball landing so far to the right. The decrease in distance in the second shot is offset by the increased distance because of inaccuracy. And in addition, you would then have to dodge sand traps, trees, and other obstacles.

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