Pause-N-Throw: the Cure for Iron Shots

GolfnadoRecently, we talked about a method for keeping track of how many greens you hit in regulation. One important thing to add to that is that if you don’t get your fairway iron shots in shape, you’re never going to hit greens in regulation.

So, here’s what you do. Use the Pause-N-throw. Our device teaches you everything you need for consistent iron shots. If you’ve been using it for a while you already know: it helps you to maintain the right position at the top of your swing, removing hooks, slices, pushes, pulls, and anything else that takes your shots off course.

On the fairway, it’s particularly useful because it also helps to maintain the right height of the clubhead at the moment of impact. This can be good for thinner grass (we’ll have more on that later) as well as helping to keep you from taking divots.

Give the Pause-N-Throw a try! Or try our method for keeping track of hitting greens in regulation – it will show you how.