Playing Golf in A Drought

Dry golf courseWhile folks on the East Coast may still be recovering from that “polar vortex”, we here in California have a massive drought on our hands. This means leaner, and definitely not greener, fairways. Golf courses are notoriously water dependent, and around here, some courses are cutting back on water resources. So, for those of you who like us are on the west coast, here are a few tips to hold you over until next winter’s El Niño (hopefully) ends the drought.

First, you’re going to have to learn to hit it thin. Playing off of dry ground is like playing off a driving range mat. There’s not a lot of room for error. Having a consistent backswing will help you to maintain the right position of the club as you swing, helping to maintain the right level of the clubhead at impact without skulling the ball or digging too deep into the parched ground.

Next, check your accuracy. The thin grass will lead to more spin on the ball and more deviations. Try our Pause-N-Go training aid – it helps to keep your club on a straight path that doesn’t come outside in or inside out, for a clean impact. Need a bit more convincing? Check out some of our testimonials, or pick up a PnT now!