The Importance of Swing Path

There are many pieces to a good golf swing that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all. But there‘s one thing that everyone says is critical: the clubhead path. No matter what you do in the backswing, the moment of truth is when the clubhead meets the ball.

There is a lot of confusion about the right arc for the clubhead. Many novice golfers think it is necessary to try to clobber the ball, leading to an awkward outside-in swing path and often inaccurate shots. This leads to grooving a swing that can take months to undo.

Instead, try this advice. For greater accuracy, rehearse where the clubhead goes after you hit the ball. All too often the waggle stops at the ball. Instead, you want to release the follow through just after you hit the ball.

And if you really want a better release, try rehearsing the motion with the Pause-N-Throw on your right hand. Feel the follow through just after you hit the imaginary ball. The club head should go up and out before the toe begins to rotate. If you see the club turning over too quickly, the ball will hook. But a few more swings with the Pause-N-Throw should straighten this out. Give it a try!