Golf: How to Break Through

Checks and balancesOur company, Pause N Throw is a little different than most. That’s because because I am both the president of my company and an ordinary golfer. I routinely use the product I sell and it has, without a doubt, helped me become a better golfer. And, year after year, I keep making breakthroughs with my game after continuing to use the Pause-N-Throw.

This year more than ever has been a breakthrough year for me. I’ve shot more rounds in the 70s than ever before. Why? I believe it is a number of reasons, since golf is a complicated game with many different types of shots. But using the Pause-N Throw definitely stands out as one of the main reasons for this. I keep mine in my golf back and use it at the range, and to warm up before a round of golf.

Are you ready to have a breakthrough year of your own? There’s plenty of excellent golfing weather left. Join me and the hundreds of other satisfied Pause-N-Throw users and give our device a try!