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Slice Stories: The Adjuster

Sometimes I love going to the course solo to see who I get put in with. It´s always an interesting cast of characters, and you can count on at least one of them to have a wicked slice. In one … Continue reading

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The Ball Marker Thief

A couple of years ago, I was playing a round of golf with my in-laws in Virginia. It was summer, and the humid southern air and seemingly endless number of mosquitoes didn´t exactly make for an environment you could describe … Continue reading

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Why the Flat Wrist Works

The key to Pause N throw is to guide your hand into the flat wrist position. But why is the flat wrist position so important for a golf swing? Here are a few examples of why a flat wristed golf … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Golf Injuries

Golf may not be a contact sport, but when playing for a long time, repeated wear and tear on your system can add up. That´s why it´s a good idea to get into good golfing habits to avoid injuries while … Continue reading

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Two Winners of the Masters

I couldn’t help but think that we had two winners in the Masters. Adam Scott sunk a putt for birdie on the second playoff hole to win the title. But Angel Cabrera, from Argentina, won me over with his infectious … Continue reading

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Coolest Ball Markers Ever

What does a ball marker mean for a golfer? Sure, you could just pull a quarter out of your change bowl, but where would the fun be in that? A customized golf ball marker lets you put your own personal … Continue reading

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Golf: The Mental Game

Golfers spend lots of time training their muscles, hoping to bulk up enough to simply crush the ball farther out there on the fairway. But instead of trying to turn themselves into Hulk Hogan, golfers would be better off in … Continue reading

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We Recommend: DJ Watts

As you’re probably aware, we at Pause-N-Throw are big proponents of the swing developed by the late great Mike Austin, as it’s a great way to give yourself more distance and accuracy. We’ve long been familiar with the website of … Continue reading

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