Why the Flat Wrist Works

The key to Pause N throw is to guide your hand into the flat wrist position. But why is the flat wrist position so important for a golf swing? Here are a few examples of why a flat wristed golf swing works so well.

First, a flat wrist keeps the club head from twisting too much. In many cases, inaccurate shots are caused by a club head that turns on the axis of the club shaft, or that is set at an incorrect angle for the duration of the swing. Having a flat wrist will straighten this out, allowing for greater accuracy as you swing.

Another reason for a flat wrist is to flatten the swing plane. In an earlier post, we showed a few graphics that demonstrate the ideal flat swing plane that most golfers go for, advocated in particular by golf great Mike Austin. Flattening the wrist naturally puts you onto this swing plane for greater power, as well as more accuracy.