How To Avoid Golf Injuries


Golf may not be a contact sport, but when playing for a long time, repeated wear and tear on your system can add up. That´s why it´s a good idea to get into good golfing habits to avoid injuries while playing.

One common joint that is subject to injury over time while golfing is the knee. Knees have been described as “two crow bars held together with duct tape.¨ They are most frequently injured while running or biking, but a bad knee position while golfing can mess them up too. Make sure you don´t twist them too much while playing, and look into knee braces. Also, icing them after a found of golf is a good way to keep them feeling better.

Another trouble spot for golf injuries is the wrist and arms. First off, since many golfers are into bulking up, there are plenty of weight lifting related injuries that golfers are subject to. Also, the wrist position is very important. Keeping your wrist flat is a good way to keep them safe. And that´s exactly what you learn with the Pause-n-Throw, which trains you for the flat wrist position.