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Look at Your Shadow

In a recent post, we brought back a bit of advice we’ve given on occasion to golfers everywhere: watching your swing on video. But what if you’re not so tech savvy? Or if you just don’t have the time to … Continue reading

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Golf Swings vs. Baseball Swings

Summer is here, and for me, that means getting back in touch with my roots and watching more baseball. I made a trip recently to watch the Dodgers play the Diamondbacks, and was happy to see my adopted home team … Continue reading

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Golf Swings: A Hickory History

Why do the pros open and close the clubhead? I read recently it’s because, in the early days of golf, hickory shafts allowed the clubhead to twist open. So the golfer had to had to consciously close the clubhead by … Continue reading

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The “Square to Square” Swing

A golfer called me recently to ask if the Pause-N-Throw training aid helped you learn the “Square to Square” swing. What is the Square to Square swing? It might sound complicated, but in reality it’s not that hard to imagine. … Continue reading

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Practice the Follow Through First

Most people would say that when you learn something, you have to start at the beginning. But in the golf swing, that’s not always true. To promote long, straight drives, take a practice swing that starts with the follow through, … Continue reading

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Why the Flat Wrist Works

The key to Pause N throw is to guide your hand into the flat wrist position. But why is the flat wrist position so important for a golf swing? Here are a few examples of why a flat wristed golf … Continue reading

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