The “Square to Square” Swing

This book is so awesome it will melt your face right off, wicked witch style, part 2A golfer called me recently to ask if the Pause-N-Throw training aid helped you learn the “Square to Square” swing. What is the Square to Square swing? It might sound complicated, but in reality it’s not that hard to imagine. Basically, it entails keeping the clubhead square to the line of flight throughout the swing. The benefits of this swing are that it keeps your hands from opening and shutting the club as you swing, which is a major cause of off-line shots.

My answer to the caller was, yes, the Pause-N-Throw does support the Square to Square swing. It is designed specifically to guide your hand action to keep the club square throughout the swing. This contradicts what many PGA pros teach when, in fact, many pros use different swing styles. Nevertheless, this kind of swing is much more workable than the “conventional” PGA swing. It has been used by Mike Austin, the world record holder for longest drive in tournament play.

Once you master this move you enjoy a simpler swing. Why not give Pause-N-Throw a try and make this technique a part of your golf game!