Golf Swings vs. Baseball Swings

Baseball swingSummer is here, and for me, that means getting back in touch with my roots and watching more baseball. I made a trip recently to watch the Dodgers play the Diamondbacks, and was happy to see my adopted home team the Dodgers win, eve though I’m still a Red Sox fan at heart.

But the experience got me thinking: is there anything about the baseball swing that can be applied to the golf swing?

First of all, there’s a lot that obviously does not carry over. Namely, that golfers have the luxury of swinging at a ball standing still, while the baseball swing has dot deal with a ball flying at the player at 90 mph. There’s also the fact that, while there are dozens of different golf clubs to choose from, there’s only one type of baseball bat.

In terms of the actual swing, the key difference is that the baseball swing is horizontal while the golf swing is semi vertical. Therefore, the backswing in golf is different from the equivalent of the backswing in baseball. Nevertheless, there is one principle that carries over: you don’t want to wind up too much in either type of swing. In baseball, this is the easiest way to strike out. And in golf, it will have you slicing the ball off the course.

Appropriately enough, this is what our device, the Pause N Throw teaches. We can’t make any promises for how it works for baseball, but for golf, it teaches the right position at the top of the backswing for the perfect contact. Try it out! And if you want to test it while playing baseball, we’d be happy to hear the results.