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Breaking Down McIlroy’s Swing

Rory McIlroyis currently one of the best known figures in pro golf. So it’s no surprise that golfers everywhere are doing their best to imitate his golf swing. Recently, the BBC ran an in-depth analysis of the secrets of why … Continue reading

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Practicing A Perfect Swing

I want every golfer in the world to buy a Pause N Throw. But I don’t want you to use it all the time. There are times to use it and times not to. You don’t necessarily have to wear … Continue reading

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The Swing: A Hands Off Approach

Most golfers are too “handsy.” All you have to do is watch them waggle the club before they swing and you’ll see what they are intending to do. They are all over the place. It’s easy to think that this … Continue reading

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Key Golf Swing Tips for Distance

There’s nothing a golfer lusts for like distance. Sure, a well-rounded golf game requires more than just smashing your tee shots. But still, no one can deny the primal rush one gets from ripping a 300 yard drive. How can … Continue reading

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Why the Flat Wrist Works

The key to Pause N throw is to guide your hand into the flat wrist position. But why is the flat wrist position so important for a golf swing? Here are a few examples of why a flat wristed golf … Continue reading

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