Practicing A Perfect Swing

Ike MostinI want every golfer in the world to buy a Pause N Throw. But I don’t want you to use it all the time. There are times to use it and times not to. You don’t necessarily have to wear the Pause-N-Throw before every round to play better golf.

Think of the Pause N Throw more as a guide to help you to learn to do it the right way. What this means is you have to wear it long enough to get the right feel, then take it off and ingrain that feeling so it lives in your nerves and muscles when you play.

This is what’s known as building “muscle memory”. By repeating certain motions, they become “locked in”, and happen automatically when you’re playing. And with a complex motion like the golf swing, this is a huge asset. But you have to make sure the motion you have keyed in with muscle memory is correct. And that’s why the Pause N Throw is so important. When you use it, it builds muscle memory for the right motion, so that even when you don’t have it on, it feels like it’s still there.

Pass up the large bucket of balls. Practice smart. Practice the way that you want to play. And use the Pause-N-Throw to guide you to a better swing.