How to Hit the Golf Ball Farther

Ike Mostin

Golf is filled with paradoxes. To make the ball go up, you need to hit down with your irons. To get out of the trap, you have to hit the sand, not the ball. And once you take into account the mental aspects of golf, there are almost too many counterintuitive parts of the game to count.

But the biggest paradox and one that is misunderstood is this: to hit the ball far, you need an easier, more relaxed swing. This is the key to long, straight, reliable shots off the tee and the fairway. But in order to make it work, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Many people are convinced that swinging easy means swinging slow, but this is not the case. Swinging easy really means having good timing and a relaxed grip. It’s the relaxed grip that gives the ball the real pop, as long as the release is good.

It’s no coincidence that this easy swing is the key to what makes the Pause N Throw so effective not only for accuracy but also for distance: it helps you naturally build an easy swing. Try it today, you’ll be hitting the ball farther in no time!