Swing Practice With Pause-N-Throw

GJ the DJ

As the saying goes, old habits die hard. But if those old habits are wrong, you have to make the effort to change them. And the same goes for the golf swing. In general, it takes 30 days to stop making an old, ineffective golf swing and start a new one.

This is one of the main things to keep in mind while using the PnT. Even though there have been many cases where the Pause-N-Throw has generated quick results, it doesn’t always do so. But if you give it time and practice, it will come through, building your muscle memory for making a much more effective swing path. We’ve found that regular practice is the key. It’s not necessary to do marathon practice sessions. Instead, shoot for regular 10 minute sessions, ideally once a day, using the Pause-N-Throw. You’ll find that, slowly but surely, you’ll naturally start to gravitate toward a better swing.