Why Winter Is Great For Training Aids

snow golfIt’s almost November, and you know what that means? Yes, more delicious home cooked meals. But also – tragically – less golf. For most Americans, your normally cheerful and green local golf course will be covered in a deep blanket of snow, thus making regular rounds of golf all but impossible. But there’s a silver lining to this. While you can’t play normally, you can use this time (as long as you don’t mind the cold) to pick up a training aid and build up your game for when the summer returns.

First of all, one good place to work on this is at home. Though some training aids are large and not suitable for indoor use – unless you’re willing to smash a few of your nicest lamps – many other training aids work well at home. Obviously, putting is a good thing to work at indoors, and during the winter you can take advantage of this to beef up your putting game with putting related training gadgets and devices. Also, other devices let you practice your swing while inside. Why not try our Pause-N-Throw indoors with a small club, or just practicing the motion?

If you’re willing to brave the cold, you’ll find that the courses during the winter are a good place to work up your game. A snow covered course means it’s difficult to find your balls, so make sure you use brightly colored golf balls or a whiffle golf ball that doesn’t sink into the snow. It’s a good time to put on a training aid and head out to a (usually abandoned) golf course with a sleeve of balls to build up certain parts of your game. Then, when the snow melts a few months later, your game will be better than ever!

image: yurgolfswing.com