Video Tape Your Golf Swing!

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At first, it seems a bit silly: getting out a video camera to look at your golf swing, when you would rather just feel it. And some golfers say they don’t want to see what their swing looks like. But in reality, there’s an enormous benefit to seeing your swing from an external point of view. Just trying to “feel your way through” to a good swing is probably why you’re still slicing or hooking, or losing distance. Let’s face it – one look at a video of your swing and you’ll find a few easy fixes.

Before you start videotaping your golf swing, familiarize yourself with the way the golf swing should look. At Pause-N-Throw, we are fans of the late, great Mike Austin, who filmed his swing wearing a skeleton suit. This wasn’t a Halloween prank but a way to show how the body and joints move during motion of the swing. As you watch videos of the golf swing, make sure you pay attention to the motion of the wrists. This is the key that even some experienced golfers overlook.

Position your camera so it gives you a down-the-line view of your swing. Look at where the clubhead is at the top of the swing. Make sure you can see your wrists at all times, as well as your knees and lower body. Are you swaying? Does your head move? The goal is to match what you feel on the inside with what is really happening on the outside.

Try playing back the videos of your swing next to videos of swings of golfers you admire or have a similar body type as you. As an added benefit, try videotaping your swing while wearing the Pause-N-Throw. Review your swing in slow motion and you’ll see how the device ensures a flat-wristed position, bringing the club into the hitting area with plenty of stored power.