Pause N Throw Triggers Weight Shift

trebuchetThe golf swing is a complicated motion involving every joint in the body. Mike Austin compared the golf swing to a whip or a catapult. He also stressed the importance of leverage. That’s because a good swing uses a supple right hand grip with a sturdy base. The overall motion contributes to making a relatively small projectile go a long way.

A powerful swing occurs naturally, with little effort, when we shift our weight effectively. By working with golfers we have found that the Pause-N-Throw seems to trigger an impulse to shift the weight more efficiently. It could be that restricting the right hand’s motion tells your body to shift your weight and swing from the inside. This means you will fix your slice and lead to longer, straighter drives.

So, instead of concentrating on winding up excessively, and getting all your power from your arms, the flat wrist position makes it necessary for you to take a shorter backswing, shift your weight and explode through the ball. This triggers more power from your lower body. You’ll be surprised at the progress you make!