When to Use A Golf Cart

cartageGolf carts have their ups and downs. But when should you use one, and when shouldn’t you? Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of golf cart use.

First of all, the times you should use a golf cart are often when you’re in situations where you need to play quickly. If you’re the first foursome to go out, a golf cart can help you shoot forward and later play in peace. Of course, certain situations just call for a golf cart, such as if you’re golfing with your grand dad who gets tired easily, or if you just don’t feel like walking.

On the other hand, it’s worth keeping in mind that carts are a bit of a liability. You have to pay extra for them, they occasionally run out of batteries or gas, you have to avoid certain areas, and if you damage the cart you have to pay extra. Also walking gives you the benefit of more exercise. The bottom line: try playing with or without a cart in various situations to see how well it works for you, so you can choose wisely the next time around.