Slice Stories: Slick Swing

snack shopOur last slice story had to do with an unfortunate event that took place after too many burritos at the snack bar at my local golf course. When one of my friends heard about this, he told me about an incident that had happened to him after a snack shop hot dog, thus further illustrating the perils of snack overindulgence on the links.

My friend, after downing the dog, realized he was next up to hit. He hurried over, grabbed a club, teed up, and took a whiff at the ball. But unfortunately, the ketchup and mustard he had eagerly slathered onto his hot dog caused his grip to loosen a bit, and he sliced into a lake.

Angered at this, he picked up his club and swung it, this time in anger. With his still slippery hands, the club didn’t stay put, instead sailing forward onto the fairway. Unlike his shot, the club went completely straight.

The moral of the story: always wash your hands!