Autumn on the Golf Course

leaf-me-aloneIt’s that time again, time for golfers to go inter hibernation. Leaves are changing, days are shortening, and the weather’s getting a bit nippy. Here at Pause-N-throw, we know that you’re not playing that much golf this time of year (unless you live in Australia, where it’s spring) so we’re going to be blogging a bit less. But don’t worry, we’re still here! We’ll also be keeping you up to date via facebook too.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of things to enjoy during the autumn months. Courses are still open, and the snow hasn’t built up enough to shut down courses. So if you can avoid the falling leaves, and you can get a mid day tee time, you might be able to enjoy a bit of peace of mind on the course you don’t usually get. Happy autumn!