How Not to Slice on a New Course


New courses: as we’ve examined many times before, they can often be the source of worry about whether you can score well or not. One big problem people have is that things such as slices and mishits become much more common due to nervousness. Often times, scoring well on a new course is such an issue because we can’t get our mental games in shape, and we end up making mistakes we would otherwise avoid on familiar courses.

Here are a few tips for avoiding slices on a new course. First, familiarize yourself with the layout of the course before you play. If you have a few free moments, look up the course online before you play – a google maps search will give you a pretty good view of what the holes look like, and you can also look up forums online to see what people are saying about each hole.

One other tip is to do mental exercises before playing. Eat healthily before a round, maybe try drinking a cup of relaxing tea or try a relaxation supplement like kava kava. Also, practice your swing before you head out. You can counter negative thoughts on the uncharted territory of your new course by keeping in mind all those drills you did to cure your slice.