When is the best time to practice golf?

Tick tock on the clock but the party don't stopIt seems like there’s never enough time to practice golf. Every time you duff a shot, come up short on a chip, or end up in the drink instead of safely on the green, it’s so easy to get frustrated about your golf game, and blame the fact that you haven’t had time to practice. But fear not, there are a lot of ways you can get yourself into the groove of good practice. And one way to do so is to set aside a regular time each day to do so.

I personally favor practicing at sundown. That gives me time to come back from work, relax a bit, then hit the course for a bit of chipping and putting, and every once in a while a trip to the driving range too. Of course, in my case, it helps that I live near a golf course.

But even if you don’t live near a golf course, setting aside a regular practice time will help you to find time each day to get in a bit of practice, and will eventually help you work up your game. You can always practice short putts on your carpet. And I have a drill where I practice chipping to different stairs that lead up from my TV room. It shows me how to vary the height so the ball will land soft and check-up or hit and run. It’ll be good for you during those moments where you have a tight chip or a long put to sink.

As an added bonus, why not practice with the Pause-N-Throw? It teaches you an effective swing which is helpful to repeat as you practice.