The 3 Golf Swing Tips Everyone Forgets

The end of the belly putter

Everyone’s looking to have a better swing, but so many important elements of the golf swing are completely forgotten about. Here is a quick list of the 3 most important swing elements that all too often are forgotten about:

1. Accelerate the clubhead at impact
I have a friend who likes to rocket the clubhead forward, right at the top of his backswing. I understand the temptation to swing like this, but in reality, you need to be swinging the other way around. By accelerating as the ball makes contact, you guarantee better distance.

2. Follow a straight swing path
One common rookie mistake is to make an “outside in” swing in an attempt to gain more power. This is why so many beginners hit with a slice. For a good swing, avoid hitting “outside in” as well as “inside out” (which gives you a hook), and instead take it back “low and slow” for a nice straight shot.

3. Keep the clubhead square to the line of flight
Another classic mistake is to roll the clubhead open and then closed through impact. This was once considered the “correct” golf swing – all the way back when people used clubs made from hickory shafts. Today, there’s no advantage to be gained from this, and it raises the possibility of wildly inaccurate shots.

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