The Importance of Good Golf Partners

Fore-someGolf is a game that brings people together. And by building groups of established playing partners, you can help to work your game up and set goals for yourself and the rest of your group.

I’ve had the good fortune to have built a good relationship with a group of two other golfers from my work. We all play at roughly the same level, and when we get together to play, we swap ideas, golf tips, and the occasional dirty joke. Even though I do enjoy occasionally playing in random groups with golfers I haven’t met before, having a good solid golf group has really helped my game out.

If you don’t have your own regular group of golf partners, why not ask around at your office, church, volunteer organization, or other social group you might be a part of? It’s a great way to make friends, meet people, improve your game, and just appreciate the beauty of golf.

And if you really want to make a good golf friend. Recommend that they try the Pause-N-Throw golf swing training device. They will be eternally grateful to you and will definitely inspire you with their improved play.