Training for Bad Weather

The old man and the seizure

For many golfers, rainy days are a no go for planned golf sessions. But for a small few, rainy days are a great opportunity to avoid the crowds, even if it means getting your new set of Callaways a bit wet. If you’re one of those golfers, here are a few tips for how to train for the rain.

The biggest issue is, of course, the fact that the ground is wet. You will have less fluffy grass to work with, and the ball will tend to sink to the ground. Ironically, this means you’ll have to use a similar technique to hitting off dry ground. Practice hitting off harder surfaces, and this wil help you train for rainy conditions. Thankfully, wet ground is slightly more forgiving.

Next you have to prepare for the fact that the ball is wet. Though you’ll be able to pick the ball up to dry it between holes, you won’t have this advantage on the fairway. Water on the ball has the possibility to amplify unwanted spin generated from an improper swing. That’s why our device, the pause-n-throw, will be a huge help for training for the rain. The next time it rains, you won’t have to worry about off shots. And of course, it’s great for regular play too.