Golf Brings Families Together

Golf is many things. It can be engaging, challenging, sometimes maddening, and other times it can make you laugh. But for me, the best reason to play golf is to build a connection with the people you play golf with.

It’s no secret that this is the case for many people who play the game. Sure, the main reason the PGA pros play is not to schmooze with friends but to engage in cut throat completion. Other golfers hit the links for a different kind of cut throat competition – to work out the details of million dollar business deals that can make or break the future of major corporations. But on the other hand, it maintains a strong appeal for the average citizen. Over my many years playing at public golf courses, I’ve been put in with people from all walks of life, from high school basketball teachers to engineers to bodyguards. The game seems to have something for everyone.

But golf can also be a way to bring together the people in your life you’re already close with. In my case, golfing is something many people in my family use as an excuse to spend a few hours together shooting the breeze. I play golf with my brother whenever we’re together, and even my in-laws and I get together for an occasional game.

Of course, some families aren’t going to want to play golf together. But, if you’re feeling like you’ve drifted apart from people in your family, suggesting a few hours on the links together might just be the thing that brings you back together.