Train With a Slow-Mo Camera

Slow mo cameraAs you may have seen from our previous blogs, here at Pause-N-Throw Golf we are big fans of the idea of videotaping your golf swing. It’s a great way to make sure you’re swinging the right way, so you can reinforce correct motions and eliminate incorrect ones.

Truth be told, you can get a lot out of conventional video cameras, which tapes at about 30 frames per second. But you can see your swing with even more precision by using a high speed camera. You can take one sequence with the Pause-N-Throw on, and one without it to make sure you are achieving the right flat-wristed position at the top of the back swing.

High speed cameras are a bit more expensive than regular cameras so you have to make sure they’re worth the investment. And that will depend on where the trouble spots in your swing are. If you’re having problems with the backswing, it might not be as necessary. But if the issue is impact, it definitely is.

A standard camera only captures 4-5 frames during a typical golf swing. But a camera that records 120 frames per second (or fps, as the pros call it) will record four times that amount. And some cameras go up to 600 fps. That’s 20 times as many frames! Slow-mo cameras might not be necessary for everyone, but they’ll help if you really want to see what’s going on with your swing. And you can easily download an app to help you view the recording on your phone or iPad.