Tips For Golfing In Foreign Countries

BarknadoThere’s plenty of good golf to be played in the US (where the majority of our readers are from). And if you don’t live in the US, there’s probably at least a couple of good golf courses were you are too. But why limit yourself to just one country? Here are a few tips for having a great round of golf, no matter where you are in the world.

First off, it’s a good idea to plan out ahead of time which countries you intend to visit on your trip, or which ones you might possibly visit. Most of countries won’t mind if you bring your own set of clubs, but it never hurts to check.

Secondly, think about how you’re going to travel. Depending on where you’re located, some international trips can be made entirely by ground transportation: cars, trains, etc. But in other cases, it may be necessary to fly. Keep in mind that flying may make it harder to take your clubs in, if you want to use your own clubs.

Also, there’s the option of renting clubs when you play. In most cases, it’s possible to rent clubs at the course where you’ll be playing. Check ahead of time to be sure. If you’re worried that playing with a different set of clubs will throw you off, try playing with a number of different sets on your home course, and think of ways to make sure you’re still playing your best even with different clubs.

In this regard, having a training aid you’re familiar with can be a huge help. In our experience, many of our own customers have found that using the Pause-N-Throw while traveling has helped their game significantly.