Does Friendly Betting Help Your Golf?

BarknadoSome of us like to gamble, others don’t. But it’s no surprise that, for many, golf has become a sport that works as a convenient excuse to lay down a few friendly wagers. And hey betting may actually be a way to motivate you to improve your game. Here are the best was to make sure it does that, without hitting you too hard in the pocketbook.

What are the top betting methods? lists a couple. First, there ‘s the Nassau method, describes as “three bets in one”. This involves betting in three areas: low score on the front nine, low score on the back nine, and low score overall. This is described as a common form of betting among buddies. Bet amounts are usually low, around $2 for each of the three categories. This means that, for a foursome, whoever takes each of the three categories takes away $8. Best your buddies in all three categories and you could walk home with a whopping $24. Don’t spend it all in one place.

For more other betters, there’s the skins game. The concept is simple: the winner of each hole takes away a set amount from the other players. The fun part comes if there’s a tie; then all money accumulated from that hole is passed on to the next one. Watch out when there are three or more ties in a row, the pressure will be on for the next hole.

Of course, you do have to be careful. Betting on golf can improve your game, but it’s not worth it if you break the bank on it. Make sure the focus stays on the simple incentive structure in place. The goal isn’t to make serious money, but to add a couple of extra bucks to your round in order to motivate you to play a bit better.