The Math Behind Golf Accuracy

Why does accuracy matter in golf? Let’s look at some facts and figures. Knowing the math behind accuracy in golf will help your mental game and give you incentive to improve your accuracy.

When you step up to the tee box, chances are you look out on the fairway and think, “ah, there’s plenty of fairway, I don’t have to worry about accuracy.” But when you look at the math, accuracy in golf and its importance becomes that much more clear. Let’s suppose you’re teeing off on a fairway 30 yards wide on a perfectly straight hole and that the tee box is at the exact middle of the fairway.


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Using some high school level math, the accuracy for this golf shot can be calculated. We can see that a drive that travels 200 yards has a margin of error of 8.578 degrees in order to hit the fairway. For a 300 yard drive, that figure drops to 5.724 degrees. Don’t believe us? We have some equations below to back up what we’re saying.


So, the longer you drive, the less margin of error you have for hitting the fairway. Luckily, with Pause-N-Throw you can easily practice the right swing position to amp up your accuracy and be on the fairway all the time!