A Golfer’s Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for golfers. Despite the fact that golfers don’t like being stuck behind trees, and one of the most popular symbols of Christmas is a tree, Christmas has many benefits for golfers everywhere.

Colder weather can be a hassle to play through, it’s true. But there are also advantages of playing golf at Christmas, during the cold weather of winter. Cold weather thins out the crowds, making it easier for you to get onto the tee box quickly, if you don’t mind a bit of nippy weather on the links.

In some cases, playing Christmas golf means playing through snow. This might not always be possible. But in some cases, special golf balls can be used that stay on the surface of the snow, allowing you to see them. And if you don’t want to try your luck with playing an actual round, there are plenty of golf courses that close down during Christmas time, allowing you to use them as practice ranges. It’s a perfect time to work on curing your slice!

And of course, during Christmas, golf loving friends will love gifts related to golf. We at Pause-N-Throw would like to remind you that our Pause-N-Throw training aid makes a great gift. It’s perfect for the winter golfer who has time to work on accuracy and curing a slice. And it fits nicely into any stocking!

Image by Stephanie Wilson at bs2h.com