Golf Tips for Hand Action

I’m always looking for the perfect golf swing — and that’s why I wrote a book about Mike Austin, the man who hit the longest drive in competition at 515 yards. He told me that the most critical point in the golf swing was the hand action. He said the lower body was the engine and the hands were the accelerators. He once described the golf swing as “putting a rocket on the end of a rocket.” Translated this means that the lower body gets the club swinging and the hands give it the pop.

Sure, you read golf swing tips about the hand action all the time. And Mike Austin recommended a throwing motion for extra distance. But what will it take to really fix your slice or help you hit the long ball?

Let’s start with some swing basics. Golf instruction is filled with contradictory descriptions of what the hands do in the swing. But most golf teachers would agree that less hand action will help you hit the ball better. That’s why the Pause-N-Throw helps your golf game immediately. The Pause-N-Throw restricts the hand action to just the right motion. Beginning golfers sense a robotic feel that leads to a repeatable swing.

Here’s one of the best golf tips, and one that will help you hit the ball better right away. When you take the club back, don’t do anything with your hands. Let your legs and shoulders take the club away. When you wear a Pause-N-Throw, it will put your hands in the right position. Then, when you make your swing, the hands work automatically. A great golfer once said, “the hands just go along for the ride.” Let the Pause-N-Throw make that the right ride.

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